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Rev Ronny Smart

I found a Lily in the my Vally
Milky White Way
Mission Accomplished

It's not Rock and Roll

Miracle Man

No Hillbilly Heaven
as soon as I touch Calvary
Ten Thousand Angels
Where Could I go
The Devil and his old Suitcase
Where is the Road 
Soldier Won the Battle
Heartache Heartbreak
Wont that be a Hallelujah Meeting
Why worry about tomorrow
My Faith is in the Lord
Get Away Jordon
Tell the Storm Goodbye
Gone The Stone is rolled back
Don't stop now  we're nearly Home
Back at the Well
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God of the Mountain
He asked me to Pray for you
The Hand of Jesus lifted me

We are Going Home

A Mansion I'll own
Going Home
He Lifted the wall of Darkness
I can see that Going Home Look
Take you're Burdons to the Lord
My First Love is you
as soon as I reach Calvary
An uncloudy Day
When the Pearly Gates Unfold
Im in Love with Jesus
Take me to the Thrown